What To Eat

Staying healthy, strong and satisfied

Culinary Tips

Just because you're transitioning from meat and dairy doesn't mean you have to become an expert cook overnight. You actually never have to become an expert cook–unless you want to!

Dining In

There is an abundance of help available, online and in cookbooks, for the new vegetarian. There is a plant-based replacement for every old favorite — learn the art of cooking with them and you will never miss anything again.
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Dining Out

You don't have to look out for only vegan or vegetarian restaurants. Just a little preparation in advance can make sure you are never disappointed eating out.
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Healthful Tips

It is easy to obtain all of your nutritional needs on a vegetarian diet including, yes, protein. Embrace a variety of fruits, vegetables, legumes and nuts, take vitamin B12 regularly, and you will thrive on your new plant-based diet.
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A Meal Plan with Recipes

You don't have to be an all-star chef to cook veg at home. Here's a week's worth of deliciously simple and cheap recipes that leave meat off the plate and cash in your pocket.
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